Romaeon Coffee and Holiday Mug Gift Set

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The Coffee
For over a year, Romaeon Coffee Co and our partner roasters have developed a relationship with Ricardo Tavares and his family-owned farm producing this Brazilian bean. His farm, located in the Chapadas de Minas region in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, has provided education and security for its employees and family members for generations. Ricardo also uses a portion of his proceeds to fund music programs in local schools. We love to see people who are as passionate about their communities as they are about coffee. When you purchase this coffee, you are supporting the musical, cultural, and educational development of hundreds of children.

In honor of Ricardo's passion we've called this coffee the da Capo Collection; "da Capo" is a musical expression meaning "from the top!" This single-origin coffee raises the bar on the old standard, paying homage to the traditional flavors of a classic cup of joe while also surpassing them. Our vision for this coffee was to take everything that we love about the flavor of traditional coffee—the earthiness, the nuttiness, the chocolate and caramel—and to do one better, and we think what we came up with will impress both the casual coffee drinker and the coffee "snob." The da Capo is a delicious mix of red and yellow Catuai varietals boasting a nutty, earthy, and rich flavor palette. The fruit (bean) is dried on the coffee tree, giving it a full body and amazing aroma. As with all Romaeon coffees, it is freshly roasted to order for every purchase.

The Mug
This 12 oz ceramic latte mug features an original hand-made design by Fr. Patrick O’Rourke, a GOA priest and artist in Yonkers, New York. Inspired by Byzantine iconographic depictions of the Near East, Fr. Patrick created an artistic depiction of the view of the Magi as they traversed the mountains from Persia toward the Holy Land. The eye is drawn to the star in the distance, passing over the rocky mountains and wordlessly retelling the familiar story of the Magi on their journey to the newborn Christ. Created with the holiday season in mind, the design is subtle enough to be enjoyed year-round. This set is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the comfort of a warm drink during the holidays.
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