Discovering Orthodox Christianity DVD

Discovering Orthodox Christianity DVD

Product # GOTEL025
This 26 part series of talks, shows, and presentations was designed to introduce and explain the basic teachings of Orthodox Christianity. Sponsored by the Leadership 100 Endowment Fund, the series covers a wide range of topics with the goal of educating the viewer in simple, easy to understand terms.

Show 1: What is Orthodox Christianity?
Show 2: The Bible in the Orthodox Church – The Old Testament
Show 3: The Bible in the Orthodox Church – The New Testament 
Show 4: Worship in Life

Show 5: The Orthodox Liturgical Year
Show 6: The House of God – Iconography
Show 7: The House of God – Architecture, Vestments and Religious Articles
Show 8: Music in the Orthodox Church

Show 9: The Early Church
Show 10: The Modern Church – the Growth of the Orthodox Church in America
Show 11: The Ecumenical Patriarchate - Aspects of Past and Present

Show 12: Orthodoxy and Other Faith Traditions
Show 13: Orthodoxy: Faith In Action
Show 14: The Orthodox Stance on Moral and Social Issues
Show 15: Saints and Martyrs of the Orthodox Church

Show 16: The Changing Orthodox Family
Show 17: Orthodoxy and Our Youth
Show 18: Ministering to Our Elderly
Show 19: Orthodoxy in a New Media Age

Show 20: Faith & Pop Culture
Show 21: Patristics – The Fathers of the Church
Show 22: The Ethics of Orthodox Christianity

Show 23: Interpretation of Psalm 8 – A Bible Study
Show 24: Interpretation of Luke, Chapter 19, Verses 1-10 – A Bible Study
Show 25: Interpretation of St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8, Verses 31-39 – A Bible Study
Show 26: Interpretation of the First Epistle of St. John, Chapter 4, Verses 7-16 – A Bible Study

The entire series can also be viewed online on Youtube:

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