5th Grade: God Calls Us to Serve (Volume 6) Teacher Guide

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Grade 5, Unit 6, God Calls Us to Serve, introduces student to the witness of missionaries and others who have shown self-sacrifice and social responsibility in their response to God’s call—right up to the twentieth century, in the lives of St. Nektarios and St. Maria of Paris, and even in North America, with St. Raphael of Brooklyn and St. Nicholas of Zica. But the unit begins with the powerful witness of St. Maximos the Confessor to keep the faith pure, in the seventh century; St. Philothei of Athens, in the sixteenth century; and St. Herman of Alaska, in the nineteenth century. The overall purpose of this unit is to show the faithfulness to Christ to which we are still called by God to witness through the power of His Holy Spirit in our own lives.

Teacher Guide
5 Lessons
  • Author: Angeliki Constantine
  • Publisher: Department of Religious Education
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