5th Grade: God Calls Us to His Kingdom (Volume 3) Teacher Guide

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Grade 5, Unit 3, ​God Calls Us to His Kingdom, is an overview of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry, through the stories and perspectives of the All-Holy Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist, St. Luke, St. Mark, St. Matthew, and St. John. It begins with the pivotal role of Mary, the one whose response to God allowed her to become the Theotokos—the God-Bearer and Mother of Our Lord. Next, it presents Jesus as the one who calls us to the Kingdom of God by showing us how God acts and telling us what God wills for us. These lessons center on Christ as preacher, teacher, all-powerful healer, merciful judge, and loving redeemer. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we have been reconciled with God. This is the Good News of the Gospels (Evangelion). The overall purpose of this unit is to show that through Christ we know the life, the forgiveness, and the love of God, and share in the life of God in His Kingdom.

Teacher Guide
6 Lessons
  • Author: Angeliki Constantine, with Aimee Cox
  • Publisher: Department of Religious Education
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