5th Grade: God Calls Us to Faith (Volume 1) Teacher Guide

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Grade 5, Unit 1, God Calls Us to Faith, covers the first eight centuries of the Old Testament story of the Hebrew people. It begins with Abraham’s great test of faith and ends with Moses and the establishment of the covenant that God made with the Israelites on Mt. Sinai. The Ten Commandments showed the Israelites how to serve and love God and one another. The overall purpose of this unit on the faith responses of the Old Covenant people is to help students understand why Christians speak of Jesus as having established a New Covenant. (We also call it a New Testament.) Through Christ, God continues to choose a people and to call them to holiness and faith.

Teacher Guide
5 Lessons
  • Author: Ted Theodorou, with Aimee Cox
  • Publisher: Department of Religious Education
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