Important Announcement - Please Read

A New Orthodox Marketplace Website is Coming!

The Orthodox Marketplace online web store and the Department of Religious Education's catalog store are in the process of merging operations.

While we are working out the details of this transition, the Orthodox Marketplace website will suspend sales functionality of the site. Customers will be able to browse the catalog, log in and check on the status of outstanding orders and order history (including downloads).

However, the cart and checkout features will be disabled.

If you wish to purchase items in the interim, a subset of our product catalog is still available from our Amazon Storefront.

You may also wish to purchase items from the Department of Religious Education Resource Guide, available below. The DRE can be reached via their toll-free number: 1-800-566-1088.

We expect the new Orthodox Marketplace and Resource Center website to launch in 2016.


Topic Tags

Below you can find the complete tag cloud for all of the products listed on this web site. That's quite a lot. If you see numbers, don't worry - these correspond to different crosslinked data systems at the archdiocese - they are not suggesting any particular order of quality or quantity.

The Tag Cloud of Unknowing

abraham aesceticism affirmation Akathist Hymn alcoholism all hallow's eve ambrose ancient practices angelopoulos angels anglican dialog annunciation anthologies anthropology apologetics apostolic doctrine april saints arianism ascension atheism augustine august saints baptism barys mode bereavement bible stories bible study bogdanos book of acts book of amos book of chronicles book of daniel book of deuteronomy book of ecclesiastes book of exodus book of ezekiel book of ezra book of genesis book of haggai book of hosea book of isaiah book of jeremiah book of job book of joel book of jonah book of joshua book of judges book of kings book of malachi book of micah book of nehemiah book of obadiah book of proverbs book of psalms book of revelation book of ruth book of samuel book of sirach (ecclesiasticus) book of song of songs book of zechariah books of 1-2 kings books of samuel bridegroom service burial and cremation byzantine art byzantine chant byzantine notation byzantine studies canon criticism canon of st andrew cardiasmenos cards catechesis catholicism and orthodoxy cbr celtic christianity chant tools chrismation Christmas christology chrysostom church calendar church leadership communion communist oppression confession conversion stories corporeal theology counseling counselling resources courage creation/evolution debate daily exercises daily prayer december saints Dedes desby divine liturgy doxology early church history ecclesiastical cycle ecclesiology ecology ecumenical dialogue eleftheriadis encyclicals end of life issues environmentalism epiphany esperinos ethics eucharist evangelical orthodoxy faith faith and medicine family roles feast days february saints female deaconate female diaconate first letter to the corinthians first mode fourth mode fourth sunday of lent free downloads frequently asked questions gender studies generosity genesis genetic manipulation golden rule gospel of john gospel of luke gospel of mark gospel of matthew grave mode great lent grief support hagiography halloween hierarchical liturgy holy cross holy friday holy monday holy saturday holy thursday holy trinity holy tuesday holy wednesday holy week human condition humanism human rights human tissue research hymn collections hymn compilations icon cards icon descriptions iconoclasm controversy iconography incarnation theology infant death instructional video interdenominational dialog interfaith dialog interfaith initiatives interior life introductory material ionian village irish heritage january saints jesus jesus prayer jewishness and christianity JOY Curriculum july saints june saints katavasias kenyan orthodox ketsetzis kontoglou lamentations last supper leadership letters of john letters of paul letter to the romans liturgical hymns liturgy of st. basil lives lives of saints love loyalty march saints marriage martyrdom matins may saints metered english michaelides miscarriage missionary stories modern icons modernism monastery stories monasticism monophysite doctrine moral imperative moral tale MP3 Collections mystical theology nativity nativity of Jesus nativity of the theotokos new creation theology new testament era stories new testament stories new testament survey november saints october saints old testament stories ordination organ donation orthodox pascha holy week orthodoxy in africa orthodoxy in alaska orthros pagan influence palm sunday paraklesis parenting parish life pascha passion narrative passions pastoral care pastoral theology Patriarch Bartholomew patristics penance pentecost personal discipline philanthropy plagal of the first mode plagal of the fourth mode plagal of the second mode pneumatology pocket-size political prison stories popularity prayer book prayer life prayer of st ephraim prayer of the heart pre-christian history predestination prefiguration prison ministry prosperity gospel protoevangelium of james protoevangelium stories race and ethnicity rachmaninoff redemption religion and science religious freedom reproductive rights resurrection romanian folklore RSE rublev russian choral music russian liturgy russian orthodoxy sage advice sarah scriptural archetypes second mode second tone secularism seeking help self-esteem building self-help seminarian bookshelf september saints septuagint services SIDS sign of the cross silent prayer simeon simple living skepticism social issues soteriology spiritual warfare St. Gregory Palamas Monastery stations of the cross st basil the great st ephraim the syrian st euphrosynos stewardship st gregory of nyssa st isaac of nineveh st john chrysostom st john climacus st john of damascus st nectarios of aegina sts. constantine and helen st symeon the new theologian st theodore the studite study guides sustainability sviridov symbols of the faith symposium videos synaxarion tchaikovsky teen guides the creed theology of icons theophany The Orthodox Military New Testament (RSV) theosis theotokos theotokos feasts third mode third tone transfiguration trinitarian doctrine types value of friendship variety packs vesperal liturgy vespers visual learning vocation war and violence ware transfiguration wealth western notation youth ministry guidelines zes

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