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Western Notation - Sunday Matins - All Modes - English (PDF)


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30 days

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St. Gregory Palamas releases their lastest edition of the Sunday Matins Music project in Western staff notation, for the Ordinary hymns, in the eight Byzantine Modes, that are appointed to be sung from the Octoechos at Matins on Sundays throughout the year. This is the latest and most complete transcription of their earlier publication, Sunday Matins Music in Byzantine Notation, and it supercedes the preliminary transcriptions that were previously available on our Web site. This edition differs somewhat from the Byzantine Notation. It includes the music for the Order of the Matins Gospel and Psalm 50, and for each of the eleven Exaposteilaria and Theotokia, all of which were reviewed and improved. Similarly, the text and music of the eleven Eothina Doxastica are entirely new and improved.

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