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The Akathist Hymn [CD]

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The Akathist Hymn is a Service of the Orthodox Church that invites the faithful to rejoice in the unique and sublime role the Virgin Mary played in the salvation of mankind.

Track Listing:

  1. It Is Truly Meet
  2. Ode 1 of the Canon
  3. Ode 3 of the Canon
  4. To Thee The Champion
  5. Ode 4 of the Canon
  6. Ode 5 of the Canon
  7. Ode 6 of the Canon
  8. To Thee the Champion (Greek)
  9. Ode 7 of the Canon
  10. Ode 8 of the Canon
  11. Ode 9 of the Canon
  12. To Thee The Champion
  13. Prayers
  14. Awed By The Beauty

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