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Greek Education

Products in this category are entirely in Greek unless otherwise noted. This includes instructions within the books. Many of these resources are imported from Greece and assume that a native speaker is in the home with their children or that a Greek Education program is being followed by the recipient.

The exception are resource that are specifically designed for those who are learning Greek as a second language (GSL) - these are usually multi-lingual and include English guidelines and instructions.

If you have any specific questions about any of these products and how they may be used, you can call the Archdiocesan District Greek Education Department at (212) 570-3552. Please note that orders should not be placed at this number.

My First Book For Reading

CODE: GRK-123731

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This book is for preschool and Κindergarten children and aims at helping them to:  develop oral communication  distinguish the... More

My First Reading [Book w/Stickers]

CODE: GRK-9789604840717

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This book is a nice tutorial designed for Kindergarten children. Its creative activities give children the opportunity to: read from left to... More

Songs Of The School

CODE: GRK-123734

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This book is a collection of 477 songs, which cover all school celebrations and events. It is a good resource book for kindergarten and elementary school... More

The Greek Flag: One Tale And 100 Stories

CODE: GRK-123735

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A group of children learn a fairy tale and 100 stories related to the Greek flag.

The Life Of Jesus

CODE: GRK-123736

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  Children learn about the life of Christ through the beautiful icons of Georges, which are located in the monastery of St. Dionysius in Athos. At... More

The Mediterranean Diet

CODE: GRK-123737

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This book includes various and creative activities on the Mediterranean diet. It includes thematic units regarding three products of the earth: grape,... More

Lakis The Chick

CODE: GRK-123741

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A loving, fun story for young children with cheerful animals as central figures.

Where Do The Crickets Go In The Winter?

CODE: GRK-123742

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An ant meets two arrogant butterflies and explains to them where the insects disappear in the winter. She uses for example a good friend, the cricket.

The Very Busy Mrs. Duck

CODE: GRK-9789608337114

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The heroine of the book, through her adventures and frustrations, shows us that, even when we make mistakes, the important thing is to recognize, to... More

The Colors [Card Game]

CODE: GRK-123744

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This set of Card Game “The Colors” is an educational game for preschool children, played with one or more players. It contains 48 cards.

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