Important Announcement - Please Read

A New Orthodox Marketplace Website is Coming!

The Orthodox Marketplace online web store and the Department of Religious Education's catalog store are in the process of merging operations.

While we are working out the details of this transition, the Orthodox Marketplace website will suspend sales functionality of the site. Customers will be able to browse the catalog, log in and check on the status of outstanding orders and order history (including downloads).

However, the cart and checkout features will be disabled.

If you wish to purchase items in the interim, a subset of our product catalog is still available from our Amazon Storefront.

You may also wish to purchase items from the Department of Religious Education Resource Guide, available below. The DRE can be reached via their toll-free number: 1-800-566-1088.

We expect the new Orthodox Marketplace and Resource Center website to launch in 2016.


For Young Children

8 Favorite Fairytales: I Listen and Read [Book/Audio CD]

CODE: GRK-9789604228843

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This book contains eight favorite fairytales with an amazing illustration and big letters for our little friends. These are: Dog, rooster, and... More

Tracing Activities with Saints

CODE: GRK-9789607703132

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A pedagogical method that helps young students learn about the lives of the saints of the Orthodox Church by tracing and painting figures in a pleasant... More

Riddles with Pictures

CODE: GRK-9789607637062

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This book contains the most known Greek riddles and is accompanied by pictures. It addresses young children, 3 years old and above. Children use their... More

Oh Bunny, Bunny!

CODE: GRK-9789607637109

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This book contains a selection of songs, poems and simple games for children of a very young age.

My First Writing

CODE: GRK-9789604840724

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A pleasant educational book designed specifically for children of kindergarten. The original and creative activities give the child the opportunity to... More

I Learn Numbers

CODE: GRK-9789602992258

Shipping Now
Young children will learn about numbers. The text assumes basic knowledge of Greek. More

Aesop's Fables

CODE: GRK-9789602991909

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In a funny and joyful manner, the Aesop’s Fables teach the children the value of love, honesty, justice, gratefulness, kindness etc., which help... More

My favorite Fables

CODE: GRK-120457

Shipping Now
Wonderful stories and myths, both entertaining and imaginative, come to life through colorful pictures in this book.

From the Life of Christ

CODE: GRK-9600702691

Shipping Now

The life of Jesus Christ – His Birth, Miracles, Teachings, the Crucifixion and His Resurrection. Written in simple prose for lower grades.


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