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For Preschool, Kindergarten

Getting Dressed Sticker Book

CODE: GRK-122902

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This is a great way for little children to learn about what clothes to wear for different kinds of weather and activities.

I learn the alphabet (pre-school)

CODE: GRK-9789602999417

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Ideal for teaching the Greek alphabet to pre-school children.

Seasons and Months

CODE: GRK-9789604127351

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The purpose of this book is to help children learn the seasons, the months and the major Greek holidays. Also to create a sense of the flow of time.

Play, Write and Learn for Kindergarten (Student's Book)

CODE: GRK-122906

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This book helps kindergarten students to learn about the world by playing and having fun. Τhe thematic activities of the book help the students... More

Play, Write and Learn for Kindergarten (Teacher's Book)

CODE: GRK-122898

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This book is a guide for the kindergarten teacher whose aim is to get the most out of the student’s book “Play, Write, and Learn in the... More

The new golden book for Pre-K

CODE: GRK-9602991321

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A workbook especially written for students in kindergarten.

110 Worksheets for Pre-K

CODE: GRK-9789603788218

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A compilation of worksheets, which help young children develop thinking and analytical skills.

A Goat Whose Belly Hurts

CODE: GRK-122455

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This enjoyable story about a goat whose belly hurts is a fun way to teach young children how to count. They will count from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 1 by playing and painting.

Egg's March to a Different Alphabet

CODE: GRK-9601616322

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Young children are guided by the Egg on an illustrated journey through the Greek alphabet. An excellent "first alphabet" book that illustrates the usage of the alphabet in pictures from A to Ω.

My First Alphabet Book

CODE: GRK-120458

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My First Alphabet Book introduces the letters and sounds of the Greek alphabet to young children.

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