Important Announcement - Please Read

A New Orthodox Marketplace Website is Coming!

The Orthodox Marketplace online web store and the Department of Religious Education's catalog store are in the process of merging operations.

While we are working out the details of this transition, the Orthodox Marketplace website will suspend sales functionality of the site. Customers will be able to browse the catalog, log in and check on the status of outstanding orders and order history (including downloads).

However, the cart and checkout features will be disabled.

If you wish to purchase items in the interim, a subset of our product catalog is still available from our Amazon Storefront.

You may also wish to purchase items from the Department of Religious Education Resource Guide, available below. The DRE can be reached via their toll-free number: 1-800-566-1088.

We expect the new Orthodox Marketplace and Resource Center website to launch in 2016.


For Preschool, Kindergarten

Alphabet Arts and Crafts

CODE: GRK-9789608498075

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Creative ideas that help young children develop oral communication and foster the skills of reading and writing. The book includes selected crafts that... More

Kindergarten is Fun

CODE: GRK-9789605017095

Shipping Now
This book is a useful tool both for kindergarten teachers and parents and contains 120 original worksheets covering all required curriculum for... More

At Preschool with Papitsa

CODE: GRK-9789606864438

Shipping Now
This is a book addressing young children aged 4 - 5 years. With Pipitsa as their little helper, children get in touch with the oral and written speech,... More

At Kindergarten with Pipitsa

CODE: GRK-9789606864421

Shipping Now
This book addresses young children aged 5-6 years old. It helps children to learn the language and math. Children, through various thematic units explore... More

The Chickens Don't Sing

CODE: GRK-9789604932122

Shipping Now
When the rooster has a sore throat and cannot sing, the other animals are panicked! Who is going to wake them in the morning? The chick says, she will do... More

The Rooster who Didn't Like to Wake Up Early

CODE: GRK-9789604575398

Shipping Now
Kokorikos is a rooster who hates waking up early in the morning to wake up all the others! He likes to sleep and refuses to do his job like all the other... More

I Learn Numbers

CODE: GRK-9789602992258

Shipping Now
Young children will learn about numbers. The text assumes basic knowledge of Greek. More

Picture book with stickers

CODE: GRK-120463

Shipping Now
Children learn about Greek holidays using this picture book complete with stickers.

Getting Dressed Sticker Book

CODE: GRK-122902

Shipping Now
This is a great way for little children to learn about what clothes to wear for different kinds of weather and activities.

I learn the alphabet (pre-school)

CODE: GRK-9789602999417

Shipping Now
Ideal for teaching the Greek alphabet to pre-school children.

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