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Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos

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It is so hard to forgive, those who treat us unfairly. All at once we feel offended. We may even feel hatred and a longing for revenge. It is only with the help of Christ and His Saints, such as Saint Dionysios of Zakynthos that we can forgive and even pray for the well-being of those who offend us. This book and its vivid illustrations depict the best-known miracles of the Saint. Also included are an original map of Zakynthos, and a list of the monasteries and places of pilgrimage on the island. With the help and intercessions of Saint Dionysios, Let us all pray first and foremost for those who have injured us. Our saint’s day, or name day, is when we honour the memory of the particular saint whose name we bear, and which is generally our grandfather’s or grandmother’s name as well. We give joy to our Saints if we arrange to celebrate a liturgy in our local church on that day, but even more if we try and become like them in our acts and thoughts. Saint Dionysios, for example, is overjoyed when we try to forgive and to ask forgiveness of those whom we have made unhappy and of God through holy confession.


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