Important Announcement - Please Read

A New Orthodox Marketplace Website is Coming!

The Orthodox Marketplace online web store and the Department of Religious Education's catalog store are in the process of merging operations.

While we are working out the details of this transition, the Orthodox Marketplace website will suspend sales functionality of the site. Customers will be able to browse the catalog, log in and check on the status of outstanding orders and order history (including downloads).

However, the cart and checkout features will be disabled.

If you wish to purchase items in the interim, a subset of our product catalog is still available from our Amazon Storefront.

You may also wish to purchase items from the Department of Religious Education Resource Guide, available below. The DRE can be reached via their toll-free number: 1-800-566-1088.

We expect the new Orthodox Marketplace and Resource Center website to launch in 2016.


Worship and Liturgy

The Open Door

CODE: AOK-123271

$14.95   $13.45
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Discover how icons can become part of your own life of prayer. Encounter twelve of the world's most significant Orthodox icons with one of today's... More

A Book of Hours

CODE: CLR-123533

$21.95   $14.27
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Eastern and Western Christians share a rich spiritual heritage in the Hours of Prayer—the brief services of praise and psalmody that mark the... More

Byzantine Liturgical Reform

CODE: SVS-123808

$22.00   $19.80
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In the first part of this work, Thomas Pott demonstrates that deliberate liturgical reform, as distinguished from the organic, spontaneous development of... More

By Way of the Desert: 365 Daily Readings

CODE: AOK-122622

$14.95   $13.45
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In the first few centuries of Christianity, thousands of believers left the cities for the desert, in order to seek a purer spirituality than they could... More

Prayer Book of the Early Christians

CODE: AOK-123874

$23.99   $21.59
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Designed for any 21st-century Christian, this prayer book gathers prayers and rituals from the ancient Church (especially early Greek Christianity),... More

Ask for the Ancient Paths

CODE: AFP-9781936270637

$13.95   $12.55
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At a time when so many disaffected Christians are trying to recreate the Church from scratch, Fr. James offers a clear and accessible apology for simply... More

Meditations for Great Lent

CODE: AFP-9781936270606

$9.95   $8.95
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The Lenten Triodion exhorts us, "Let us observe a fast acceptable and pleasing to the Lord." Using hymns from the Triodion and the Scripture... More

An Inner Step Toward God: Writings and Teachings on Prayer

CODE: AFP-9781612612386

$17.99   $16.19
Shipping Now
Available for the first time in English, this collection of Father Alexander Men's prayers and teachings and writings on prayer center on the theme... More

The Sign of the Cross: The Gesture, the Mystery, the History

CODE: PRC-9781557258748

$19.95   $17.95
Shipping Now
Explore the mystery of the ancient gesture that invites the Cross of Christ into our lives Millions of Christians around the world use the sign... More

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