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These Things We Believe

These Things We Believe

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Has God become irrelevant for the 21st Century? Is there anything left to believe in?

THESE THINGS WE BELIEVE is like no other Orthodox book. This is a book with the big answers to the big questions every person asks themselves about faith, science and doubt. It is perfect for individual or group study, high school seniors and up. No Orthodox young person should ever be sent off to college without first having studied this book. Those who have lost, or question their faith, will regain it here. Is the Gospel, which converted pagan empires and created followers of Christ who died for their faith as martyrs, now powerless to stand against the waves of atheism that crash about us? Includes…

  • This one thing I know... Intellectual systems, functional atheism and secular society
  • I believe in God... Neo-evolutionists, the God gene and the new search for God 
  • Maker of heaven and earth... The Enlightenment’s Empirical Box, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty and the Rebirth of Mystery
  • Who for us... One Foundational Story, the Neolithic Story as lived by the tribal descendants of Abraham 
  • For our salvation... “Godlikeness,” nakedness and a Neolithic brain
  • Immaculate Body and precious Blood... The Mystical Incarnation and the Existential Incarnation: the unity of the visible and the invisible
  • One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church... Western ontological and dualistic ecclesiology, Eastern Christological Ecclesiology: the union of the visible and invisible in worship

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