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Introduction to the Jesus Prayer

CODE: AOK-122732

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A most inspiring booklet on the Jesus Prayer, superbly written by a lay person for lay people. A spiritual classic. This pamphlet deserves the widest possible dissemination among Orthodox people. Ideal for use with young people.

Christ in the Psalms: Meditations on the Psalms

CODE: CLR-123532

$19.95   $12.97
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At last, a series of meditations on the Psalms which avoids the sentimentality of most contemporary works, yet steers clear of the arid wasteland of modern higher critical academia. Lively, and highly devotional, this book sheds a world of insight upon the beloved Scriptures- the world of the Early Church,and of the Apostles themselves, who constantly used and referred to the Psalms in their own writings. Father Patrick Reardon is a convert from the Episcopal Church, a pastor, editor, writer, and educator, as well as an avid student of the Holy Scriptures. You will find his grasp of the Psalms, and his application to modern life via the lens of the Church's traditional understanding, both captivating and deeply convicting.

Steps of Transformation: An Orthodox Priest Explores the Twelve Steps

CODE: CLR-9781888212631

$14.95   $13.45
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Fr. Meletios Webber, an Orthodox priest with a doctorate in counseling, helps us to understand addiction and explores ways to overcome it. He clearly and skillfully explains the Twelve Steps of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells

CODE: CLR-123552

$16.95   $11.02
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In Thirsting for God, philosophy professor Gallatin expresses many of the struggles that a Protestant will encounter in coming face to face with Orthodoxy: such things as Protestant relativism, rationalism versus the Orthodox sacramental path to God, and the unity of Scripture and Tradition. He also discusses praying with icons, praying written prayers, and many other Orthodox traditions.An outstanding book that will help Orthodox readers more deeply apreciate their faith and will give Protestant readers a more thorough understanding of the Church.

Wholeness of Faith and Life - Vol. 2: Church Life Ethics

CODE: HCP-9781885652294

$12.95   $8.42
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Sixteen essays on Orthodox Ethics. Fr. Harakas' "holistic" approach to faith, life, motives, norms, behavior and interior dispositions permeate each volume.

Father Arseny, 1893-1973

CODE: AOK-121442

$18.00   $16.20
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Father Arseny, former scholar of church art, became Prisoner No. 18736 in the brutal "special sector" of the Soviet prison camp system. In the darkness of systematic degradation of body and soul, he shone with the light of Christ's peace and compassion.


Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses

CODE: SVS-9780881412321

$17.00   $15.30
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The stories of Father Arseny and his work in the Soviet prison camps have captured the minds and hearts of readers all over the world. In this second volume readers will find additional narratives about Father Arseny newly translated from the most recent Russian edition.


From Glory to Glory

CODE: AOK-121446

$20.00   $18.00
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This collection of the spiritual writings of St. Gregory of Nyssa, selected and introduced by Jean Danielou, has long been recognized as an authoritative introduction to the 'father of mysticism,' who exploded classical antiquity's static understanding of perfection by showing the Christian life as one of never-ending growth, a true dynamic movement 'from glory to glory.'


God and Man

CODE: SVS-9780881410242

$12.00   $10.80
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A penetrating discussion between "The Atheist and the Archbishop" - Anthony Bloom's famous television discussion with Marghanita Laski - on the essence of Christian faith and life opens this book of five selections.


His Life is Mine

CODE: AOK-121453

$12.00   $7.80
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Contemplation, prayer, spirituality — these words have become popular in our day among those despairing at the banality and emptiness of the contemporary scene. But popular as well are a myriad of pseudo-spiritualities, each offering its own shortcut to spiritual satisfaction. His Life is Mine is a refreshing contrast. The book deals with prayers, and especially with the "Jesus Prayer" of Orthodox monasticism.


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