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The Heavenly Banquet

The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy

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A book much needed, and unlike anything that has appeared in the English language on this subject, The Heavenly Banquet is more than a liturgical commentary. With an abundance of copiously documented biblical citations and rich patristic references, the Divine Liturgy is explained line by line, word by word. This book unhesitantly answers all kinds of complex liturgical, social, and theological questions.

“...a worthy contribution to Orthodox America in this 21st Century, written for our time, for our needs, and for the good pasturing of the flock...”

† NATHANIEL, Archbishop of Detroit (OCA)

From his Foreword to The Heavenly Banquet

In depth, yet easy to follow, written in simple, understandable language, this book will aid Catechists and instructors who can draw from its abundant material for presentation and discussion. This work will be of great benefit to any Orthodox Christian who wants to obtain a better understanding of the Divine Liturgy. The richness and the depth of the subjects treated herein make The Heavenly Banquet a treasure.



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