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The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy (Papadeas Text)

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"The Divine Liturgy" is a complete text of the Liturgy in Greek and English. Revised and Updated in 2008. This meticulously compiled work was created to greater enrich the Faithful in the pews. 

Widely used in Orthodox Churches worldwide since 1968, and known as the easiest Book to follow during our Ageless and Beautiful Divine Liturgy. Greek text with English text on the opposing pages.  Larger text is in Black with the many inaudible prayers  in smaller Red type.

In addition to the complete text of the Liturgy in Greek and English, this greek orthodox prayer book contains:

  • The Resurrection Dismissal Hymns (sung during the Little Entrance).
  • The Dismissal Hymns of many Saints’ Day Liturgies.
  • The pre-Communion, and post-Communion prayers.
  • The Hymns sung during the Liturgy in phonetics, with the music and notes in the traditional Byzantine Mode for Choir or Congregational singing.
  • The Epistle and Gospel references of the Liturgies for the entire year.
  • The complete Memorial Service
  • The complete Artoklasia Service.
  • (Blessing of the 5 loaves).

A commentary of the Divine Liturgy in layman’s terms, explaining the visible and unseen elements of our Liturgy.  These 70 pages are an integral part of the Book.  One can learn the true meaning and the depth of the Divine Liturgy, and thus gain a greater appreciation of the oldest Liturgy in Christendom. This book is essential for all Orthodox Christians, as well as a very valuable aid for prospective converts.




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