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Gender: Men, Women, Sex and Feminism

CODE: CLR-9781888212310

$15.95   $14.35
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Frederica asks this provocative question as she takes us on a journey through her early years as a feminist, a conversion experience to Christianity, and the realization that men and women are unique yet equal.

The Eucharist

CODE: AOK-121441

$17.00   $15.30
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The Eucharist is the crowning achievement of the well-known liturgical scholar, Alexander Schmemann. It reflects his entire life experience and thoughts on the Divine Liturgy, the Church's central act of self-realization.

Of Water and the Spirit

CODE: SVS-9780913836101

$14.00   $12.60
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In this study of the Orthodox understanding of Christian initiation, the rites of baptism and chrismation, Fr. Schmemann invites us to "rediscover" baptism.

The Anointing of the Sick

CODE: AOK-122331

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The healing ministry of Jesus Christ is a primary task of the Church. This work describes the healing ministry of the Church as it is expressed in... More

Mastering the Art of Marriage

CODE: CLR-123535

$16.95   $11.02
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How do you get from “I do” to “happily ever after”? It can be done, even in today’s divorce-torn society. But... More

Liturgy and Scripture

CODE: AOK-123977

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Short studies encompassing selections from the Church’s rich Tradition which includes Scripture, hymnology, hagiography,... More

One Flesh: Salvation Through Marriage in the Orthodox Church

CODE: AFP-9781936270668

$15.95   $14.35
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Is the Church too negative about sex? Beginning with this provocative question, Fr. Lawrence Farley explores the history of the Church’s... More

Journey to the Kingdom: An Insider's Look at the Liturgy

CODE: PRC-9781612611648

$18.99   $17.09
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The Orthodox Liturgy is not just an act of worship, but a potentially life-changing journey. Fr. Papavassiliou takes you through this journey with... More

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