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More Spirited Than Lions

More Spirited Than Lions

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“More Spirited Than Lions” gives an Orthodox response to feminism

“Though feminism greatly increased respect for women’s talents and abilities, it became party to a widespread cultural attitude of self-pity and grabbiness, the antithesis of Christian faith. Orthodoxy, with its examples of noble, courageous women who sacrifice all for Christ, is the antidote, as Sarah Cowie shows in this much-needed and excellent book.”

– Frederica Mathewes-Green

Orthodoxy is considered to be “the best kept secret in America.” It is the fastest-growing church in the United States. The beauty of Her services, the longevity of Her Tradition, Her position as the original Church, founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, are all highly attractive to world-weary Westerners looking for depth and spiritual validity.

And yet this very Church now finds herself in a similar position in regards to feminism as the Catholic and Episcopalian churches once were. Inroads have already been made concerning liturgical language while dialogue is being encouraged regarding “women’s role in the church,” especially in the question of women’s ordination. How the Church answers this challenge, the decisions that will be made on all levels – personal, parish, diocese, national and international – will effect the life of the Church, spiritually and practically, for generations to come.

At this critical juncture comes a critical book: an examination of feminism from an Orthodox perspective. Based on years of research, “More Spirited Than Lions” traces the historical development of feminism, outlines its basic assumptions and beliefs, assesses its contributions, and offers an Orthodox critique to the feminist platform. Most importantly, it offers thoughts for an alternative approach, namely the ideal of Christian womanhood, as found in the Tradition of the Church.

Sarah Cowie has a degree in sociology from the University of New Hampshire. She is the president of the Orthodox Author’s Association. Sarah’s poetry and other writing has appeared in the Ligorian, Christianity Today, Messenger of St. Anthony, The Orthodox Word and Handmaiden. Her daughter is a nun in an Orthodox monastery. Sarah was once a committed feminist in the New Age movement. The fruit of her pilgrimage from feminism to the Orthodox Church is “More Spirited Than Lions.”


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