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English (CEV)

Your Young Christian's First Bible(CEV)

CODE: ABS-105554

$19.99   $18.99
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This complete Bible comes with 32 full-color illustrations that bring the Bible to life! You and your young readers will appreciate the uncompromising simplicity of the Contemporary English Version.

Your Young Christian's First Bible(CEV) with Dueterocanonicals/Apocrypha.

CODE: ABS-109815

$19.99   $18.99
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A complete Bible including the Deuterocanonical/Apocrypha Books in the Contemporary English Version. Easy-to-read text, reader's helps, and 34 colorful illustrations to help the Bible come alive for children.

Read and Learn Bible

CODE: ABS-118957

$14.99   $14.24
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The American Bible Society and Scholastic Inc. are honored to present the Read and Learn Bible.
Designed and written for four to seven year olds, the Read and Learn Bible is a paraphrased edition of 102 favorite stories from the Old and New Testament sourced form the Contemporary English Version.
The combination of the American Bible Society’s expertise in biblical translation with Scholastic, the most trusted name in education, makes this a truly exceptional new Bible for children.

Extreme Faith Bible (CEV)

CODE: ABS-106319

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Here is a Bible that speaks directly to the core interests of Today’s youth. A special introductory section gives them more than a traditional Bible as it explores many of the issues they’re facing on a daily basis. A vital message and valued gift.

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