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CANA Curriculum Unit 1: Rejoice in One Lord, Jesus Christ

CANA Curriculum Unit 1: Rejoice in One Lord, Jesus Christ

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The CANA curriculum engages teenagers by showing them how Orthodoxy is applicable to their lives through a variety of pertinent, contemporary issues. Unit 1 contains 12 comprehensive lessons for the teacher outlined in a step-by-step process of how to prepare, present and evaluate each lesson.

Free, printable student sheets are available under the attachments tab.

Each lesson may be taught during one class period or over a several week period. Each lesson is preceded by in-depth background information for the teacher, including liturgical, theological, scriptural, patristic and ethical considerations. The comprehensive lessons include opening/closing prayers, topic descriptions, discussion guides, faith application, critical reflection and lesson evaluation.

172 pages. Age 13+.


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