Important Announcement - Please Read

A New Orthodox Marketplace Website is Coming!

The Orthodox Marketplace online web store and the Department of Religious Education's catalog store are in the process of merging operations.

While we are working out the details of this transition, the Orthodox Marketplace website will suspend sales functionality of the site. Customers will be able to browse the catalog, log in and check on the status of outstanding orders and order history (including downloads).

However, the cart and checkout features will be disabled.

If you wish to purchase items in the interim, a subset of our product catalog is still available from our Amazon Storefront.

You may also wish to purchase items from the Department of Religious Education Resource Guide, available below. The DRE can be reached via their toll-free number: 1-800-566-1088.

We expect the new Orthodox Marketplace and Resource Center website to launch in 2016.



The ARC: Vol 1 - Liturgical Year

CODE: DRE-121362

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Contains 35 educational articles concerning liturgical theology, prayer, worship and liturgical instruction.

The ARC: Vol 2 - Holy Tradition

CODE: DRE-121363

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Contains 47 essays, articles and lesson plans on Holy Scripture, the Holy Canons, Ecumenical Councils, hymnology, Iconography and liturgical instruction.

The ARC: Vol 3 - Holy Fathers

CODE: DRE-121364

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Contains 34 articles and essays on the Church Fathers; their lives, works and teachings that are relevant for today.

The ARC: Vol 4 - Theology and Dogma

CODE: DRE-121365

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Contains 36 invaluable essays on Orthodox theology, ecclesiology, liturgical and sacramental theology, creation and the environment, spirituality, education, etc.

The ARC: Vol 5 - Orthopraxia

CODE: DRE-121366

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Contains 32 essays on moral education, social responsibility, ascetic struggle, mysticism, Christian love, stewardship, marriage, etc.

The ARC: Vol 6 - Pentecostarion

CODE: DRE-121367

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Contains 28 essays on theological and pastoral reflections, homilies and more on the festal season of Pentecost, the 50 days following the Resurrection.

The ARC: Vol 7 - The Triodon

CODE: DRE-121368

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Contains 24 illuminating essays on the Triodion period, the period of preparation for the Great Festival of Pascha. Essays include the topics of forgiveness, humility, self-sacrifice, divine love, redemption, and more.

The ARC: Vol 8 - The Festal Menaion

CODE: DRE-121369

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Contains 25 enlightening essays celebrating the twelve Major Feasts of the Church as found during the Church and how they may apply to our contemporary life. Titles include “Claiming Pentecost for Oneself,” “On the Resurrection,” “Transfigurating Practices,” and more.

Bread For Life

CODE: DRE-121377

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Enlightening chapters describe fundamental facts about the Bible, its use in the Divine Liturgy and why we should study it. An essential guide for group or individual Bible studies.

Divine Liturgy Illustrated

CODE: DRE-121390

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This beautiful book on the Divine Liturgy is written in Greek and English with phonetics. The full-page illustrations help the faithful follow the Divine Liturgy prayerfully and meaningfully.

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