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Marriage and Family

Tabletop Prayer Guide - Vol. 2

CODE: AOK-122829

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This volume contains several beautiful prayers written by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios when he was a Deacon in the 1960s.

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Ministering to Intermarried Couples

CODE: FAM-9781584381006

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This resource has been written for clergy and lay professionals who work with intermarried couples. It was also written to be used with my first book entitled - When You Intermarry.

Both books provide information from hundreds of intermarried couples, Archdiocese wide, who participated in the Interfaith Research Project.

Ministering to Intermarried Couples features a hands-on pastoral approach that can be used with the intermarried population across the marital and family life cycle. It also deals with issues related to conversion, premarital preparation, marital challenges, parenting, extended family challenges, as well as the topic of effective outreach. Since our faithful are intermarrying at increasingly high numbers, clergy and lay professionals who read this book will find it helpful in their work with all couples, especially intermarried couples.

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Family Worship: Creating and Using a Place in Your Home

CODE: AOK-120398

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Worship should not just occur in Church on Sunday but each and everyday in our homes. This folio gives detailed information on how to create and use a place of worship in your home. Connect your family to the Church by using this tool to make worship a part of your daily family life.
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