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Speaking to God

Speaking to God

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Price: $12.95

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Speaking to God is a collection of over seventy prayers written by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America.  In its third edition in Greek, the book has been recently translated into English.

The print edition now includes the eBook edition as well. If you have already purchased the hardcopy edition and would like access to the eBook, please send an email to support@orthodoxmarketplace.com from the email address you used to purchase the hardcover book and we will issue you a redemption certificate for the electronic version.

If you are not familiar with the process of 'sideloading' books onto your device, you will need to consult the instructions for your device - files purchased here will not automatically sync/download to your devices.

The prayers emphasize the priority of speaking to God in all of the circumstances and conditions of our lives. They reflect the challenges and triumphs, struggles and joy, weaknesses and strengths of our human condition in a manner that affirms the priority of faith and the presence and love of God.

The book has five sections or cycles: (1) asking God to teach us how to pray; (2) talking to God about ourselves and our problems; (3) singing the praises of His glory and majesty; (4) entreating Him on behalf of our brothers and sisters; and (5) addressing the need for a true approach to the Gospel.

Speaking to God is a great resource for daily prayer. You will find strength and inspiration through prayers that help you converse with God and find in Him the love, wisdom, and peace you need in all of life’s experiences.  


“We should speak to God.  We should present our problems to Jesus.  We should set in front of Him our hard times and our disappointments.  We should place our plans, our worries, and desires in His hands.  This is the meaning and message that this book wishes to bring to the world.”  (From the Introduction)

“My God, conversation with You is something simple.  But at the same time it is also difficult.  A dialogue with You, I feel, constitutes the highest art, the most profound science, and the most authentic life.”  (Page 10)

“My God, make me a prayerful person.  Connect me through prayer with my eternal well.”  (Page 15)

“On my knees…I lift up my hands to You, I raise my heart to sing to You about Your great glory and about Your immeasurable power.”  (Page 83)


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